In order to maximize the response on your body, our formulas are highly concentrated in plant active ingredients. Some laboratories claim assets when they represent a tiny part of the formula. With 10%, 20% or 30% active ingredients, Coreflor does not skimp on the concentration, nor on the quality of the raw materials.

phytothérapie huiles essentielles


Our formulas are complex and are composed of 5 to 10 active ingredients, all organic. If a plant is valued in each formula, its virtues are sublimated by its association with other active ingredients.

Choice of raw materials

The plants are handpicked and chosen from the best French suppliers. This choice guarantees a plant that still has all its power before being incorporated into the formula.

The answer before the margin

The overdose of plant active ingredients, the choice of short circuit production and quality plants are expensive, but we value the response on your body that our formulas and our environmental impact will have.