Joint Complex
Joint Complex
Joint Complex

Crème de massage pour soulager naturellement les douleurs articulaires

Joint Complex

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This unique formulation relieves and treats recurring joint problems. Overdosed with arnica and harpagophytum, this cream has a rapid action on the area to be treated.
Its action limits inflammation induced by joint problems by diffusing active plant ingredients.
Like our entire phyto range, our formula has been recommended and used for 30 years by more than 5,000 French physiotherapists.

Harpagophytum is a medicinal plant with many benefits. Known as Devil's Claw, it has been used for centuries to relieve joint and muscle pain. Harpagophytum is rich in active ingredients that act on the musculoskeletal system. It is particularly known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and analgesic properties. It is therefore often used to relieve joint and muscle pain, tendonitis and rheumatism. Additionally, Devil's Claw is also used to treat digestive disorders and headaches. It is also considered a general tonic that can help improve overall health. Finally, the harpagophytum is also used to treat sleep disorders and anxiety. It can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality. In conclusion, the harpagophytum is a medicinal plant with many benefits. It can be used to relieve joint and muscle pain, digestive disorders, headaches, sleep disorders and anxiety. It can also help improve overall health.

Sensation procurée

hot chili joint massage

The gentle heat generated by the active ingredients produces a feeling of calm and respite.

The action of the Coreflor formulas which provide a sensation of heat have a long-term action on the muscles and joints.
In which case should you prefer a formula providing a feeling of warmth?
Joint problems, stiffness.

Side effect: Muscular preparation for effort, warming up, torticollis.

Customer Reviews

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My knees have been hurting me for over 5 years and this gel soothes me in minutes. I use it daily and the smell is not unpleasant.

Fast and effective

I use it almost everyday for my knees!


Thank you this product is effective. I recommend 100% for joint pain.

Effective and streak-free

Product of constant quality and ease of use (pleasant smell, does not leave traces on clothes, etc.)

Jean Marc
effective and pleasant smell

popular product
quite effective on osteoarthritic knees and with crow's feet problem
ultimately discreet fragrance

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