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The joint complex is an overdosed cream with harpagophytum . It is an excellent natural option to relieve joint pain such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis / Poly-arthritis / Tendonitis, busitis, carpal tunnel... In a few minutes, the plant active ingredients and a feeling of warmth invades the treated area and provides relief.
Coreflor formulas are safe and effective and can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain thanks also to the complexity and precision of the recipe that has been refined year after year for more than 20 years. Plant extracts are mixed with handpicked essential oils that enhance the effect of Harpagophytum on the painful area. Coreflor Harpagophytum creams, in addition to being of organic origin, are very easy and practical to use, dry very quickly and leave no residue on the skin. They can be applied at any time of the day. If you suffer from chronic osteoarthritis, rheumatism or polyarthritis, this can represent a respite in your day.