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Fast and effective

I use it almost everyday for my knees!

In poultice

I use it as a poultice following tendonitis. Top !

Very good product, with this feeling of freshness that feels good. Recommended by my physio.

Muscle trauma

I am satisfied with this product.
Very effective for any muscular trauma.
I used it for the knees after an operation, and on an arm after a fall.
Quick delivery.


I use it on a leg that was broken
I recommend it's absolutely miraculous and the only product that gives me relief. I have tried everything


Thank you this product is effective. I recommend 100% for joint pain.

Effective and streak-free

Product of constant quality and ease of use (pleasant smell, does not leave traces on clothes, etc.)

effective and pleasant smell

popular product
quite effective on osteoarthritic knees and with crow's feet problem
ultimately discreet fragrance

The light leg gel is essential for painful or swollen legs and feet, especially when it is hot. It refreshes and soothes everyday ailments (heavy legs, painful, swollen feet and legs, etc.)

Fresh and streak-free

Excellent product, refreshing, leaves no trace on clothes.

Very effective.

Product of rare efficiency. Thank you

Perfect as a poultice

I use it for my tendonitis and I must say that the pain is greatly reduced. In poultice with food film overnight for me it works well.

Ideal for heavy legs

I use it especially in the evening when my legs feel heavy. A few minutes later I feel fresh and light! I recommend

For migraine

Great for migraines. Works better and more pleasant than Tiger Balm.


My knees have been hurting me for over 5 years and this gel soothes me in minutes. I use it daily and the smell is not unpleasant.